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About Us

Getting To Know the IT Team

TechRight started as an internal IT Team to provide qualified, friendly, and rapid-response IT Support and staff to a conglomerate of companies that spanned across multiple industries. The companies include energy, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, accounting, finance, legal and medical.   After several years of excellent service, success and demand, we have expanded!  We are now offering our services to customers across the Salt Lake Valley.  Our track record of “Doing IT Right” and the success of the companies we service speaks for itself.


For many companies IT is a huge expense where you have to hire many full time, high value employees just to stay afloat.  No single person is an expert at everything and not every team is well versed on every technology, so you end up spending more money just to get the specialist you need.  Technology and market needs shift so quickly, you often need to hire new employees to fill in these knowledge gaps.  For small to medium sized companies, having a large IT team is ineffective and a waste of money.


This is where TechRight comes in.  TechRight has a team of experts on hand with experience that includes: Network, System Administrators, Application Support, Help Desk, Systems Monitoring, Backups, VOIP Phones.  TechRight has the team you need without the high cost.  You only pay for what you need.  Our average customer pays less for our support than one full time Employee doing help desk.  They get our wide range of experience without the unnecessary overhead.  Using TechRight as a replacement or to compliment your internal IT team just makes sense.